Israeli Fashion Designers

Fashion design is an applied art of design and aesthetics or natural beauty of clothing and fashion accessories. Fashion design is influenced by the culture and is versatile depending on the time and place. While designing clothing and accessories, fashion designers work in many ways. Some of them work alone, and other as part of a team. Fashion designers are trying to implement consumers wishes for aesthetic clothes design, but because of the time they need to make and design those clothes, the consumers can change their taste for clothes and fashion. In fact, some fashion designers have a reputation which allows them to introduce new fashion trends.
One of the most famous designers, are Israeli fashion designers. Because of their creativity, we can put these fashionistas on the list of the most famous and creative designers. In addition, we will show you the most famous Israeli fashion designers.

1. Kobi Levi – designer of the wildest shoes

There are many original and unusual shoes, but with no doubt no one designs shoes like Kobi Levi. He can find motive everywhere, for example, banana peels, dogs or ever slingshot! He is originally from Tel Aviv in Israel and he graduated at the academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, so today, he cooperates with many well-known fashion houses.He claims that his shoes are very comfortable and wearable, and scenes from everyday life serve him as an inspiration. All shoes are made by hand in his studio, but mostly he makes high heels because as he says – they look a lot nicer!

2. Victoria Kanar

Victoria Kanaris the founder ofGeekChicTLV, the Center for Entrepreneurship fashion in Israel. Before that, she was the orchestra in an international PR agency Bottom Line Consulting (BLC), where she specialized in branding campaign aimed for the European and American market. After her big and important key role in the organization and promotion of Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2012, her passion for fashion has grown into a mission for improving the Israeli fashion scene even more!Since then, Victoria has organized several fashion shows in Israel and abroad, including fashion performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna.

3. MichalHidas

Michal Hidas is an Israeli fashion designer who lives and works in Milan, and her style is distinctive and unique because, working with many artists, she combines a variety of media and technology in a unique and original way. For her models, she is using mostly embroidery and print, but also serves up an innovative and sophisticated materials. Her collections (especially autumn/winter) are full of creativity and they are providing excitement and warmth, while following the trend of combining tradition and contemporary art, innovation and great arts.

4. Liron Itzhakov

Liron Itzhakov graduated at the prestigious school of fashion and designer “Institute Marangoni” in London. After returning from Europe to Israel, she became the leading designer in the “Twenty Four Seven” study, after which she decided to establish her own brand.Her new collection for autumn 2017 is dedicated to the women who do not run away from bright colors, but they enjoy to wear comfortable clothes, love fashion and have an open mind. Models are rich with fine details and are made of high quality materials.


Eva Al Keneresh, together with her mother Laura Ezra are the leaders of a very successful fashion studio. She learned this job from her grandmother in London, and became very popular after the collection “CLOTH’E’’ which she made together with her mother. The collection is inspired by various styles of different eras, combined with the urban street atmosphere, so in the end the whole collection embodies the contrast between strength and fragility and between present and past.

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